Infrastructure of Company | Ralson tyres


Ralson has world-class infrastructure to produce Bicycle Tyres & Tubes, making Ralson one of the most trusted brands in the tyre industry with more than 4 decades of manufacturing expertise. We are rapidly expanding, that’s why we have created an additional facility to manufacture Two Wheeler, Three Wheeler and Farm Tyres etc. under the successful brand name RALCO. Latest technology combined with state-of-the-art infrastructure helps us manufacture on a mega scale. The factory in Ludhiana is spread over a sprawling 46 acres and employs a workforce of 4000 skilled and semiskilled professionals.

Some of the salient figures:

  • 1,15,000 cycle tyres a day, i.e. approx. 30 lac cycle tyres a month
  • 1,25,000 cycle tubes a day, i.e. 32.5 lac cycle tubes per month.
  • 3,000 automotive tyres per day, i.e. 90,000 per month

Research & Development at Ralson

Ralson boasts of a proactive R&D Centre and Quality System – the engine that fuels our momentum by continuously developing new tyres that are better designed and superior in quality. In fact, our R&D Centre is the only one of it’s kind recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR, Government of India). Some of the salient features of our R&D facility:

  • Centre’s sophisticated testing equipment evaluates advanced raw materials before employing them
  • Before any design leaves the drawing board, the Centre’s experienced Technical & Design team tests it using cutting edge technology in predictive testing and design validation
  • The Centre is capable of Reverse Engineering rubber to analyse international products and then make our tyres better than benchmarked tyre (e.g. FTIR & TGA equipment)
  • We use Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) for polymer identification, RM analysis and micro-structural analysis of synthetic rubbers like SBR, PBR etc. (Cis, Trans, Vinyl and Bound Styrene Content). It can also be used to address process related problems and field complaints
  • Thermo Gravimetric Analyser (TGA) is used to perform compositional analysis of bench marked tyres. With FTIR and TGA we can successfully reconstruct the unknown formulation of competitor tyres
  • In the Ozone Chamber, compounds and tyres are tested for ozone resistant characteristics
  • We have Tyre Characteristics Testing Machines to perform Stiffness Testing, Plunger Test, Tyre Tread Footprint Analysis etc.
  • Endurance Testing is done to assess the performance of tyre in severe conditions
  • Hot air shrinkage and stiffness of the fabric are tested with HAS and stiffness testing equipment to assess fabric behaviour
  • Tensile Testing, Abrasion Resistance and Flex Resistance Testing are done via tensile machine, DIN abrader and flex testing machine to study mechanical properties
  • Rheometer and Mooney Viscometer are used to determine the Rheometric properties and processing of the compound
  • Lab Banbury and Open Mill are used for compound mixing and development.